Fender Player Series P-Bass MN TPL – Thomann Sverige


Fender Player Series P-Bass MN TPL – Thomann Sverige

They are what they are. 2006-01-30 2013-04-10 By 1960, the Jazz Bass design and concept was introduced as a deluxe version of the electric bass just like the Jazzmaster for electric guitars. What follows is a new age for bass guitarists. Although there have been many changes over the years for both models, the new P Basses and J Basses that you see in the market today still carries the tradition of the classic originals. Ever since the beginning, The P b Which Fender do you prefer? The polite Jazz bass or the growly Precision bass?These are the world's two most famous basses.

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To me, the two classic P sounds are fingers with flats and the bright rounds with a pick sound from any number of punk bands. I've always found a Jazz a lot more versatile. You can come way closer to approximating a P with a Jazz than the reverse. 2007-07-10 The P Bass has a slightly tapered neck that gets smaller up near the headstock. The J Bass has a much more obvious taper - which makes it easier to hit fast complex changes in the lower register. This is one reason it is popular with Jazz and Funk players. The P Bass has a solid thicker neck throughout and therefore provides the meaty tone loved by countless Rock players.

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Fender Precision Bass, Wikipedia; Cage Match Bass Edition: Preci Nov 12, 2007 The jazz bass mafia will tell you that the Jazz is more versatile, and they are probably correct on many fronts with this assertion. However, there  Mar 11, 2010 In my experience, J's are usually brighter/cleaner/more refined-sounding than P's , whereas P's tend to have punchier and more prevalent mids/  I've now quit playing in that band and my love for Jazz Basses has gone down a bit. I like the early 50s P-bass that the Fender Custom Shop is  A p bass is almost always equipped with a sort of humbucking pickup, whereas jazz basses utilize a single coil.

P bass vs jazz bass

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P bass vs jazz bass

The tone is sweet and tight. The narrow neck (compared to the P-Bass) makes playing more comfortable for smaller hands and those comfortable with the feel of a guitar.

The gag is when you look into it, the sound of these instruments are actually very different so for me there is an underlying question of, should there even be a J bass vs P bass thing? 2013-04-10 · Jazz Bass vs Precision Bass • The sounds made by the two basses are very different. • P bass was invented earlier in 1951 while Jazz bass was made in 1960. • J bass has a thinner neckline than P bass. • J bass is crisper and gives a fuller sound than P bass, but the amount of bass produced by precision is higher.
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The Big Split can be used on four, five and six-string bass guitars. And if you like to crank your bass to the limit, this is the ideal pickup to get that jazz bass tone.
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Think of most any Rock n Roll thundering bassline and it is likely the PBass is laying down the groove. The Jazz Bass [known as a “J Bass”] has 2 single coil pickups which results in a very clean tone that has a bit more midrange than the Precision. The P bass simply sounded superior to me. it was also more comfortable to play, both because of the neck and because the body is smaller than the offset waist body of the jazz. Of course this is all personal opinion, but it goes to show that you cant assume the Jazz is superior simply because its a more complex design. Another significant difference between the Precision and Jazz Basses is in their neck shapes. The nut on the Jazz Bass neck is 1.5″ wide, whereas the Precision has a 1.625″ nut.

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This makes a world of difference in playing feel, particularly when playing in the low register. The Jazz has a slightly thinner neck which some people prefer.

It doesn’t not sit in the mix like a P bass does, rather it cuts through more aggressively. The Precision Bass guitar has a wider neck width than the Jazz Bass at the nut. The precision is approximately 40-42 mm width at the nut. Although the neck and string spacing may take some time to get used to, the extra wood at the neck contributes to the punchy and deep tone of the Precision. 2012-07-21 2018-08-13 2020-01-08 2007-01-27 2007-02-20 Jazz bass if you want a honkier, more cutting sound, p bass if you want a fatter, further back in the mix sound. P bass if you want a wider neck, jazz bass if you want a slim neck.